Does implementing a park plan seem like an impossible goal?

Having a plan is a great first step, but then what? I can help you move from a strategic plan to a thriving park and greenway system for your community to enjoy.

Everyone deserves access to great parks.

However, barriers can make development seem like an insurmountable obstacle...
Lack of Funding
Staff Shortages
Waning Engagement
Landowner Issues
No Political Support
Competing Initiatives
It is possible to overcome the hurdles and accelerate progress.
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Implementing your plan is closer than you think.

Through his 17 years of leadership with the Trust for Public Land, Rick Wood assisted the city of Chattanooga, TN, through continuous development and implementation of a nationally recognized greenway and parks plan.

Chattanooga remarkably transformed from one of the dirtiest cities in America, to landing the top spot twice as Outdoor Magazine’s Best Town Ever. The city’s greenways and parks have become a core part of Chattanooga’s culture, a cornerstone to its economic renaissance.

As the former head of The Trust for Public Land, Rick is proud to have played an important role in what will impact generations to come in Chattanooga. Now, he’s ready to share his experiences and lessons with you...shortening your timelines, helping you stretch your budgets, and increasing the likelihood of success in your parks and greenways programs.

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I want to see you and your community succeed with a thriving outdoors. It can happen, especially when you have an experienced partner to guide you down the path.


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“If I’m giving credit to one person, it’s to the Trust for Public Land and former TPL head Rick Wood.”
Dawson Wheeler, founder of Rock/Creek Outfitters

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